Our solutions

Our comprehensive generic drug sourcing, purchasing and distribution services deliver the right generic drugs, at the right time, in the right amount and in the right packaging to our healthcare customers – and ultimately – to your patients who need these medications.

For you

Expert product sourcing

  • Portfolio covering the majority of a pharmacy’s generics spend, sourced from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered facilities that comply with all FDA rules and guidelines
  • Generic sourcing professionals with solid manufacturer relationships across three continents

Competitive pricing

  • Market-basket savings with best pricing on top moving items
  • Pricing monitored and updated daily, maintaining continuous market competitiveness

Extensive distribution network

  • Strategic U.S. distribution centers and Supply Chain operations in Cork, Ireland
  • Warehouses throughout the U.S.

Quality Assurance

  • Our quality assurance team holds our suppliers to the highest quality and responsible sourcing standards, in order to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products.

Extensive generic drug portfolio

  • Top U.S. manufacturer of generic prescription drugs
  • 200+ drug families, 600+ SKUs, across nearly all forms (e.g., oral solids, solutions, injectables, creams, ointments)

For your patients

  • Availability of high-quality generic equivalents of needed medications
  • Reliable and consistent supply of critical generic medications – including specialty drugs
  • Lower cost of their healthcare (up to 85% less than that of a brand-name drug!)
  • Increases adherence: Lower-cost generic drugs have been shown to increase the likelihood that patients take essential medications prescribed by their doctors and to improve patients’ health outcomes